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The current focus on Garland’s decision on the legalities of charging Trump is too narrow. Is it possible Garland is weighing the national implications of a decision to indict? What will be the possible national response to a strictly legal decision? Will charging Trump incite RWE to violent action? What forms of protest will arise, where and of what magnitude?

Who will respond and what will be the response? Which law enforcement units can be trusted to respond beyond performative foot-dragging? Which governors can be trusted to respond to a surge in local protest or even domestic terrorism?

What advance coordination between federal, state, and local agencies must be in place before publicly naming Trump as an indicted felon? What leverage would federal agencies even have to enlist compliance with a national preparedness effort? Which public figures will need heightened personal security?

When gun fetishists have more lethal weapons than police departments, how many will be willing to enhance their investigative capacities, coordinated responses and take up the necessary arms to confront even small uprisings, guerilla actions, hit plans or covert actions?

What measures will federal law enforcement be taking in advance of any indictment to investigate, identify and interdict a proliferation of covert militia cells before they are able to execute violent plans?

Is it conceivable that any of these issues are holding Garland back? If so, judicial restraint, short of outright intimidation, would be prudent, no?

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Intelligence is intelligence, right? Just like a riot is a riot no matter what the right might want to call it - and what was that again “a tourist visit”? Horsepuckey!!

Surprisingly, the mayhem of the “Big Trump Lie” won’t stop (unfortunately) until those “like-minded” reality and truth driven Americans who really truly want our small d democracy to CONTINUE to flourish are able to either sway the minds of the Q crazies and conspiracy theorists or drive them back to their tin foil hats and their rocks they live beneath.


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You are a sick man. The left did some two billion dollars in damage to both public and private property during the 2020 riots. Not to mention some 25 people who were killed during those riots and you say that the political threat is on the right???

A little history lesson for you. The KKK was the armed militia of the Democrat Party. Robert Byrd, the Democrat President Pro Tempore of the Senate, was a friend of Joe Biden. Democrats like Ralph Northam wear black face and dress in Klan outfits. You people are all sick when you try to hang this white supremacy on the other side when your side is knee deep in the crap.

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Esteemed attorneys Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg (his GOP counterpart) have teamed up to provide free legal support to election workers. We desperately need a team of former national security experts, domestic extremism experts, ex-FBI, first Amendment attorneys, etc to voluntarily form a task force to game out various dangers that we will or could face in the next decade from domestic terrorists and then to work with a team of attorneys to draft legislation to address these scenarios. Our current Congress lacks both will and experts to accomplish this work. Mr. Watts, you must have the contacts to get this started (much as Rosa Brooks assembled teams to game out scenarios around the 2020 elections). Can you begin this effort?

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