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What's the end game of these extremists? Do they understand the realities of life in parts of the world where governments have toppled and mass chaos, incessant violence, extreme poverty, starvation, homelessness are the staples of daily life? Do they believe life will be a 'real life' video game where they can maim and kill during the day, then go to restaurants and bars at night? I'm trying to understand whether they are trying to remake the US into a war-torn 3rd world country or whether it's a way to cosplay their violent fantasies while being protected by an actual democracy? Clearly there is a faction that is translating fantasies into real life: 1/6, the gunman who just killed 5 people, but are these the exceptions?

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Let's try this again

Your analysis are always interesting,

However I do have a problem with the "bad attitude"

on the counter terrorism community toward singles.

Shouldn't you focus on identifying the root causes.

Were you guys even aware that Russia had targeted any and every moderate to fringe community (even anime fans and gamers). I've been tracking that for 2 decades.

This ranged from videos containing "inserts" not unlike the good old subliminal adds of the 70s.

Then getting gradually more sophisticated with obviously tons of money poured into these experiments.

I'm sure you're aware of what they did with using Onlyfans to draw peoples toward Telegram.

Back to "singles" and how they are misleadingly labbelled by counter terrorism.

Japan has 50% singles, declining sexuality according to studies

Sweden ... getting close

So my question is this

Since I don't know any single who would call themselves voluntarily,

except perhap the so called MGTOW (and that's another controversy)

Why focus on taxonomy and throw every single person onto extremist bangwagon ?

Souldn't you simply round up those guys as far right since their single status is accidental.

Also, why INCEL theory on Chad is fantasy.

Looking around, I found these that seem to hint at a probable cause for their angst.



Basically psychopaths are what, 2% of the population,

but this study hint they would be 10% of the selection,

and since genetics do play a role in psychopathy, it may not be a good thing.

I'm quite sure it also apply to men (attracted to psychopath women)

and it may explain all those vampire movies.

It seems it's the confidence that create that attraction.

Obviously they don't know the person they are attracted to is a psychopath,

since those are undetectable (unless they commit crimes)

Also, I doubt every single person in those "incel communities" is actually single. Because guys that are single are not going to boast about it, let alone make a forum to discuss it with .. let's face it ... the competition. Neither can they really get advice from other singles.

in fact real singles are probably trying to be friends with real life girls to ask them for advice.

That said, 4chan is one hell of a toxic place. I used to "visit anonymously" just to break up their plans. Nothing worst for them than their effort to harass women going to dust because of someone like me.

(I just report what they did to platform, this could be automated, this shouldn't be "free speech")

I still don't get why the NSA don't use bots to detect those efforts and instantly send report to target platforms.

I saw them deliberately build hate campaign and smear campaign against anyone ranging from activists or famous peoples to asmr girls, and, of course any sexy girl on twitter or onlyfan.

The NSA could do the same to wreck pirate sites, but for some reason don't.

I long suspected the owner of Onlyfan must get a profit from there. He doesn't have the best reputation. And I don't like his blind eye toward those Telegram connection.

As they say, some guy may go to Telegram from Onlyfan for the boobs, but end up with unwanted side effect, such as an influence campaign that may change their views.

Don't mind me, just sharing information.

Keep up the good work

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There's one in every crowd, right? "The most violent extremists have gone do dark by moving to closed..." s.b. "have gone dark by moving to.." or "have moved to..." My OCD, front and center - another great column, Clint.....really!

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What are the major platforms are these people using for distributing podcasts?

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