EXCELLENT WORK. PUTIN AND XI are a tag team too: https://dianefrancis.substack.com/p/ukraine-taiwan-and-the-bullies

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Thank you..

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Amazing article as always !

Just discovered you recently

In depth articles, loads of information.

Thank you for your hard work !

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The bigoted troll posting as Eric posted this piece further below:


I'm addressing it here because the reply format gradually dwindles the posted content as can be seen below this thread.

The above piece is long winded and broadly stated with cherry picked specifics given. It accuses the Russian government of doing exactly what the article itself does.

Meantime, it's not a lie to note that Evelyn Farkas (mentioned in the above Substack piece) has lied at her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Her lies state as fact that:

- the Russian government meddled in the election she participated in as as candidate (a flat out lie)

- the Russian government had given a bounty to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan (a very dubious claim)

- Putin poisoned Navalny (a very dubious claim as well).

Some other clear examples of misinformation are deconstructed in these pieces:



Regarding RT:


In short, there's plenty of fault to be found among media venues with different slants. The Kiev regime and the media slanting for it has had some gross inaccuracies as detailed here regarding what Petro Poroshenko had falsely said about Crimea:


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A good discussion on the real Russia related disinformation out there;


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Thank you. I've been making additions to the Legion of Questionableness - https://start.me/p/1kOeNY/18loq

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This piece is flat out disinformation, carrying a nouveau McCarthyite stench to it. Who do we contact at Substack for the purpose of providing a detailed debunking of this tripe?

BTW, it's more likely that many Americans get duped by BS like the above article.

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Thank you for this in depth analysis. Have you found any proof that American news outlets have a direct connection with the Kremlin’s disinformation and if so, how can they be held accountable? For instance, was it intentional that the Yonkers news outlet published that story or were they unaware?

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How can we get permission to reprint at www.HSToday.us?

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How can we get permission to repost at www.HSToday.us?

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