Maybe you want to do the same study about South Korea's vank, the hundreds of thousands trolls they have on the Internet.

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I would love to see up to date analysis of the Chinese hacker network and how they help with their other activities. I recall a Chinese man was arrested who was hiring Americans to do covert work.

He never actually disclosed he was Chinese. He got found anyhow.

That sort of network is dangerous. They can expand their activities via blackmail or by finding people's weaknesses and offering hard to resist deals. I recall them using escorts on diplomats.

China is way more subtle than Russia.

I mean, Lavrov inviting himself in the Oval office under Trump was hilarious. Rubbing it in, thinking he had won. Something a teenager might do. Could as well carve his name on a tree.

Overconfidence was Russia's downfall, and why their puppet didn't stay.

China play a smarter, more dangerous game.

But China also has a potential to evolve into something different.

If all the cards get played well, China could become a democracy.

The demand from its citizen is there.

But Xi seems to love his power.

How do we convince the Chinese leadership that it's in their best interest to let go ?

That they will profit more from a free society ?

There is also the human rights issues in Xinjiang and Tibet.

That's more complicated because they moved Han Chinese there, worsening the friction.

even taught them the local language and custom, and taught them to pretend to be local to please tourists. That's regarding Tibet. Their strategy in Xinjiang seems more brutal.

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GOP is cleaning up itself. Greene and Boebert are under fire. And what started with 2 steady republicans rose to 20, 40 and soonthe creepy Nazi will be kicked out.

But it's interesting to see probable Chinese agents have a great interest in commenting on this article with creepy anti American comments.

I'm not American by the way.

welcome to the Arena

Lindsey Stirling - The Arena (Official Video)


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The US is remarkably incapable of countering it's own propaganda, which is driven by the radicalized GOP base, amplified by GOP politicians (funded by billionaires and corpoations seeking total autonomy and no regulations), spread by right-wing media, and monetized by a never-ending litany of grifters. Not only is the US incapable of countering it's own or foreign disinformation, but there's strong evidence that we are exporting the GOP distortions of freedom to other countries, particularly around the vaccines, but also about their equally distorted versions of democracy (1-party rule and apparently 1 religion) and social safety nets.

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