In 2010, “Selected Wisdom” started as a blog by Clint Watts (that’s me). The concept - highlight the research and insights of analysts and practitioners in a range of disciplines to elevate awareness of their great ideas and stimulate discussions about policy, strategy and design. By 2016, tracking terrorists and foreign countries interfering in the U.S. election consumed all of my time. I let the blog slip for a bit, but starting today, it’s back.

I’m rebooting the Selected Wisdom concept here at Substack, but with a twist - I won’t be alone this time. Over more than 25 years, I’ve had the great fortune to meet amazing people from all walks of life and some of the most brilliant researchers in many different fields. I will do the same in 2021 as I did in 2011 offering analysis and lessons learned regarding a range of national security, technology and (particularly) social media topics. I will also do rapid dives, occasionally, on fast moving current events.

I will be the principal author on most days, but will also host and debate content with occasional drop-ins from my research team (who keep me up to speed on all these topics), friends and probably even some of my enemies - Omar & I used to chat at the original Selected Wisdom for those that remember the counterterrorism days.

Lastly, for now, the Selected Wisdom Substack is free. We might add some paid services in addition to the blog down the road, as there are some more complex offerings we’d like to create. But for now, this decade’s Selected Wisdom is the same as last decade’s Selected Wisdom - yours for the taking.

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You will also see Selected Wisdom updates via these social media channels:

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YouTube: ‘Trust But Verify’ (Short videos featuring the analysis here)

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