How will China overtake Russia in online manipulation?

"Trust But Verify" - A new post on a new medium

The pandemic has embedded and summer has begun. Good news and good weather, and from the Selected Wisdom team we hope everyone is doing better in June of 2021 than they were in June of 2020.

A few months back, Selected Wisdom began experimenting with a new medium - video - as a way to produce our posts for those that prefer to watch rather than read. We’ve experimented with some different topics familiar to our readers and we’ve just loaded our fifth on our YouTube channel - “Trust But Verify”. In the coming months and year, we’ll begin posting more video content there as companion discussions to the topics we write about here at Substack. If interested in the companion films to our regular articles, please check out our channel here and subscribe for automatic updates when we post.

Today’s video offers a short explanation on the evolution of online manipulation, something I’ve written about in years past, but may be easier understood in discussion form. In short, we spend a lot of time talking about Russian online manipulation. While it’s true that the Kremlin invented the concept of disinformation and have mastered its application in both the analog and digital eras, their ‘art’ will be over taken by China’s ‘science’. In short, the Chinese have taken online manipulation into a fifth generation that will pose a much bigger threat to Western democracies and society as a whole. For readers, check out “5 Generations Of Online Manipulation”, and for today’s video visit “Trust But Verify” and

“5 Generations Of Online Manipulation - China Will Be The Biggest Adversary In Online Manipulation”

And here’s the chart -

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