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Episode 6: Dr. Mark MoffettListen now (35 min) | Dr. Bugs discusses the similarities between humans and insects and which animals he finds the scariest
Episode 5: Colin Woodard Listen now (36 min) | New York Times bestselling author and historian discusses his experience living in the Balkans and parallels between American…
Episode 4: Dr. Nahid Bhadelia - Selected Wisdom PodcastListen now (35 min) | Infectious disease doctor joins Clint to discuss working through pandemics and epidemics and her path to medicine
Episode 3: Lawrence Wright - Selected Wisdom PodcastListen now (36 min) | Pulitzer Prize winning author shares stories of writing worldwide
Episode 2: Deborah Amos - Selected Wisdom PodcastListen now (27 min) | NPR's award-winning Middle East correspondent shares stories from the field
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